Blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine are familiar images for travelers when coming to Con Dao, but Cau island is indeed an exclusive island impressing visitors by its groundwater.

Where is Cau island of Con Dao?

Located about 8km northeast of the main island of Con Son (Phu Hai), Cau island is one of 16 islands of Con Dao. Cau island is famous by not only being one of the first places to be established by Vietnamese people in the 14th century but also the beauty of nature as well as the people here, especially the untouched features of nature which has remained intact.

The beauty of Cau island

One of the highlights that creates unique beauty for Cau island is probably the coconut trees. The rows of coconut tree stretch along the white bow-shaped sand spreading out, leaning towards the sea breeze. Not only that, but it also imprints deeply in the heart of tourists with immense green rows of maple tree standing in front of the wind and flora and fauna system in the adjacent forest.

Moreover, nature has favored Cau island with a sparkling and diverse coral reef, making this place an ideal diving spot for visitors in Con Dao island.

With its vibrant groundwater resources, although located amid the vast sea, Cau island still has fresh water, fruit trees such as papayas, custard apples, bananas, and of course, lots of coconuts - a drink many people love to enjoy every time traveling to the sea.

The natural beauty of Cau island

The natural beauty of Cau island

At night, people visiting Cau island often like to walk by the night beach, listen to the wave sound, feel the wind that brings the cool and the salty smell of the sea, or simply lie on the sand staring at the sky.

More interestingly yet, you can explore the nightlife of animals here, see the turtles lay eggs, and release baby turtles to the sea (usually taking place from April to September every year, also is the peak season of sea tourism).

A tour to Cau island

  • It is a marine ecotourism route so that you can go here by boat or canoe. The itinerary includes visiting monuments, swimming, diving to watch corals, sightseeing, learning about resource conservation activities, watching turtles laying eggs during the breeding season (at night), releasing baby turtles to the sea, and camping, etc.
  • Requirement: bring appropriate equipment to go to the sea like a life jacket and scuba diving glass. You'll also need a tour guide or a local guide to accompany you.
  • Time: from 6 to 8-hour tour or long-day tour
  • Capacity: maximum of 48 guests/time at day time and 20-25 guests/time at night. It is very suitable for couples, honeymooners, those who want to go camping, small group vacation, and family stay on the island for a few days.

A tour to Cau island

A tour to Cau island

What to eat on Cau island

Cau island cuisine includes seafood dishes such as rayed wheel limpet, coral hind or lobster, etc. and others like dry terminalia catappa seeds.

Cau island is currently one of the nation's key points in the conservation of rare sea animals such as "vich" (a kind of sea turtles), salanganes and sea turtles. It is also a tourist destination that many people love when going to Con Dao.

Where to stay

Six Senses Con Dao

Standard: 5 stars

Address: Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Six Sense Con Dao, belonging to the 5-star resort chain of Six Senses, is the most relaxing paradise in Vietnam.

Located on a relatively secluded beach, with 35 villas possessing swimming pools and 15 villas of the residential type providing up to 2 private pools, this luxury resort gives visitors the feeling of relaxation and first-class service of international standards.

The quiet space, peaceful setting with villas built in harmony with nature, mainly using local teak wood, have made this place a "resort paradise" that everyone wishes to come and experience.

Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses Con Dao

Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa Con Dao

Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa is located in Chili Spring - Con Dao, a 4-star resort with a classic, warm design, a bit of nostalgia, combined with a lush green garden surrounding it to create a sweeping feature for Poulo Condor. That will give you a relaxing feeling in a quiet and fresh space.

The overall architecture of this resort exudes a refined and elegant ancient European style but still blends with modern features. The entire resort is a system of 36 suite rooms and villas with luxurious design, cozy, and comfortable experience.

Saigon Con Dao Resort

Saigon Con Dao Resort is located in the heart of Con Dao, possessing 120 modernly equipped bedrooms with professional and dedicated staff.

The resort consists of two areas.

The villa area has a total of 36 bedrooms, renovated from French-built villas in the 1920s. It used to be the residence and working place of French civil servants, with smooth green grass and old canopy surrounding the villas.

The building area with 82 bedrooms was built in 2009. It offers travelers modern architecture, luxurious facilities, and all rooms face the sea.